Understanding the relationship between website design and search engine optimization will help you understand how to adapt your design to assist in search results. Website design for performance increases page rank increases exposure, which leads to more website traffic and creates sales.

Find out how improper website design can negatively impact search results.

Nurture, monitor, and improve your website, rather than letting it float on ether. Do you want your business to rank on the first page of search results? Therefore, you need to know the primary couple of SEOs and web design. SEO and web design refer to the design and development of websites that follow SEO best practices. Creating a site that nails SEO and website design allows you to rank your business higher in search results, increasing traffic, revenue, and leads.

Read on to learn how to build a site that masters SEO web design!

What is the connection?

The primary goal of both web design and SEO services is to deliver users the best experience. One can focus on the look of the site and the other on the search engine results page. Both of which function to create a site that provides visitors with what they are looking for.

People on your website will only be customers if they can easily navigate your site and enjoy seeing it while doing so. They can only access your website if your site has an effective SEO strategy that allows your site to appear when searching for a particular keyword. When applied rightly, web design and SEO can help your business succeed.

Web Design and SEO

To understand the connections that exist, consider three facts that you may not know about web design and SEO.

Page load speed affects SERP.

Sites that do not load fast do not have a high SERP (search engine results page) ranking. This means that your site will be placed at the bottom of the ranking just because the page loads slowly. Many sites use too large images, and other issues seem to slow down the site’s loading. Fast loading speeds have a significant negative impact on SEO campaigns, but that is not what you want.


Lack of SEO on-page

SEO can be divided into three parts:

An SEO page is an optimization performed on your site that allows it to be ranked high by search engines. Your website design should consider the various important SEO structural changes that your site requires. For example, many sites do not display well-organized navigation menus on all pages. This will corrupt your site map and automatically lower your ranking.

Graphical element’s improper use

There is much to say about this matter. Website designers without SEO knowledge will usually use images that are too large. It slows down a load of your site, and search engines will not like it. As already mentioned, the lower rankings are displayed automatically. At the same time, we face having trouble using Java Design or Adobe Flash. Googlebot does not spider such applications and does not consider the content placed on them when ranking sites.


Overall, it would help if you worked with a website designer who is familiar with SEO. Are you searching for the best Calgary or Toronto web design company that offers both services? If so, then you are in the right place! Contact us today to find out more information!

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