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Today, it’s necessary for every company, small or big, to develop and manage a professional website. To keep up with the flow of the market, you may have considered an important question – How much does it cost to make a website? While the question is clear as day, the answer, unfortunately, depends on technical aspects. The factors that add up are the size of your website, its working, personalized touches, and so on.

 For instance, it’s common sense that a professional page that consists of 3 to 5 pages will cost you less than a professional website that carries mores. Along with added features, customizations, special functions, and so on. Just keeping these aspects in mind, one can easily assume that a website design company in Toronto is going to charge you somewhere between $1000 – $5000.

 Every web design comes with a unique map, only by taking a closer look will you be able to understand how the price adds up.


1) Custom Web Design Layout – A website design agency in Toronto offering a custom web design layout can help you grasp the essence of your business, and pour them into your web pages. Paired with a smart and easy flow that captures your visitors and keeps them engaged. There are three main steps during the process – research, initial design, and final design. Aspects that add to your total cost at this stage are custom graphics, illustrations, analysis, and so on.


2) Number of Pages – While a professional website needs to be extensive, but that does not mean you cover your business on 50+ pages. Small businesses only need up to 10 pages at max, whereas large businesses may take on 20 to 30 web pages. Most companies have a set number of pages included in their packages, it’s best to inquire ahead of time and get an idea of how much it will cost to add more pages.


3) Interactive Features – Some businesses need more features than others, think about it for a minute do you really need a gallery section? A blog? A membership portal? There are so many options to choose from, one can easily lose track. This is why it’s best to keep things simple and to the point. Offer what you have established, rather than adding things you may one day expand to. Sticking to what you know can help you maintain the overall cost, rather than adding a $150 to $1500 charge.


4) Content Creation – A leading web design company in Toronto will offer you content creation services as part of the package. Keeping in mind that content is the basic necessity, but some offer it as an added plus. There is no doubt that your website needs insightful, persuasive, and engaging content to grow, but that does not mean you need it all right now. Start with the basics, and you can eventually add extra information if required.

 Hiring a professional web design company in Toronto can help you make a lasting first impression. One that ensures a positive encounter, that is persuasive enough to ensure the visitor comes back for more. While offering a user experience like no other, SEO infused setup, and a budget-friendly approach. 

 We offer competitive web design packages for small businesses. Our Manifest package starts at $399 CAD. If you are looking for a beautiful yet affordable web design service, you are at the right place and we love to hear your idea! Contact us today to book a free consultation.

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